Living to be happy and healthy in the year 2100? Seriously?

Yes, seriously.

The year 2100 is less than 80 years away. For most readers, living to see the turn of the century means we’ll be as old as some of the world’s verified oldest people today. For me, it means reaching the ripe old age of 113 — something only a single British male has achieved.

And it’s not good enough to just survive to 2100. We don’t want to wake up, grimace, and finally allow ourselves to die. No, we’re aiming to be happy and healthy. We want to be ready to hop on a shuttle to Mars, or to play with our great-great-grandchildren, or to start learning to play the piano.

New technologies and treatments routinely cure or prevent diseases which would have been terminal 50 years ago. Research into longevity and the slowing or prevention of ageing is exploding. We know more than ever about how lifestyle choices can dramatically extend our life expectancy and improve our quality of life.

This newsletter brings you a weekly dose of actionable, research-based insights that help you live better for longer. Each week, I have a single goal: help you live to be happy and healthy in the year 2100.

What should you expect?

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  • 2 challenges and questions to help shape your thinking.

  • 3 recommended articles, books, videos, or podcast episodes.

  • Zero pseudoscience, snake oil, or bullshit.

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Who’s behind this?

I’m Ben. I’m a runner, software developer, entrepreneur, and unreasonably lucky guy. I live in the UK with my wife and daughter. I spent 4 years at startups, then another 7 years at Google, and now I work for myself.

I believe that the world is becoming better every year. That life is improving for virtually everyone. And that the future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed.

I also believe in self-improvement. Every day we have a new opportunity to grow, to learn, to give gifts to our future selves. We can make investments now through even the tiniest of choices. In time, those investments will bring us incredible returns in the form of many more years of healthy, happy life.

This newsletter is about living up to that ideal, and helping you do the same. You deserve it.

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